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Are You Ready?: A Health Practitioner’s Guide to Coaching Strategies for Creating Behavior Change

The purpose of this book is to allow health practitioners to have an accessible behavior change model to apply when assisting clients with their health goals. Keeping this purpose in mind, you can adjust your lens on how you will view these pages.

This 100 page book is divided into two major sections to allow for the space to go deeper into both the theoretical and the application sides of behavior change. There will be a successive flow to each chapter, while remaining clear on the intention of advancing forward through the stages.

The major sections are: Part I – Behavior stages of change and Part II – Coaching strategies for change. Part I is about how the health practitioner can categorize “stages” for the theoretical aspect of behavior change. Part II is about how to apply this model. It’s about how these stages play out for the client and the strategies to use within that stage.

Here’s an excerpt from the book,

Are you ready?

What seems like a simple question might have a complex answer. Sure, answering “no” to the question “Are you ready?” is rather precise. Whereas declaring “I am ready” might not be as clear.  Answering “yes” to the inquiry “Are you ready?” often leads to further questioning. What if I told you that there are several layers to being “ready” and that at any given time you can find yourself somewhere along a spectrum of stages regarding readiness.

Have you noticed this? Have you ever said “I’m ready” to something, yet continued to find yourself unable to take action. Whether creating a new habit, working on a project, eating healthier meals, exercising more, you name it – these are instances in which you can recall having had that peak moment of “I’m ready!” In some instances you took action, and in others you didn’t. I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone in this phenomenon. Most anyone who thinks, then acts, goes through a variation of this process.

So, while we’re on the topic of readiness, “Are you ready?” Are you ready to have a broader understanding of the mechanics involved with behavior change? Are you ready to identify the stages that take place regarding a desired change? Are you ready to be able to recognize this within yourself and within others? If so, then read on! This book will allow you to get familiar with these stages, and the accompanying strategies, by looking at specific examples of behavior change and how they demonstrate theory in practice.

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