Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategist (for wellness practitioners)

People NEED to experience the benefits of holistic wellness services! They will connect with us through the authentic stories we develop and share. I’m extremely fortunate to play a role in this process by assisting other wellness practitioners with promoting their services. 

As a practitioner emerging in 2018 to connect with clients who need your help, you must interact using the current platforms and social media, while remaining true to your brand of service.

I have the unique perspective about how to market and promote services from the perspective of the Coach to the clients. As I am a practitioner for over 10 years, and have worked with 2 different major wellness online platforms during that time.

Most of what ‘business” marketers” share as necessary marketing tactics fail to take into consideration the holistic nature of the practitioner. This isn’t just regarding WHAT services are provided, but HOW the services are provided. Including the marketing and messaging and social media engagement.

What has been working for you on social media to promote your services? Do you find social media overwhelming or confusing for you to engage consistently with your client base? Do you have a strategy for this? You must have a strategy to effectively move forward.

Contact me to set up an appointment to discuss your possible social marketing strategy~









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