What is High Heart?

High Heart reflects a person’s understanding, acceptance and practice of the concepts of universal love and compassion.  Expressing one’s High Heart shows a person’s ability and calling to do meaningful work.  This is the basis for High Heart Wellness.  It’s the connection that’s created among those who seek balance and sustained expression of their higher calling.

Have you ever had a heavy heart?  The need to do something about what’s important to you and what you believe would benefit those around you.  Expressing your High Heart takes pressure off of your heart concerns and allows you to flow in this direction.  By bringing awareness to your High Heart desires you begin to balance your energy and gain clarity.  Taking action for your higher calling sustains this balance.

Find out what resonates for you!  What does your High Heart say?

High Heart brings satisfaction and desired happiness to light.

High Heart brings gratitude to  those who honor their chosen work and lifestyle.

High Heart brings transformation for  those who want to align to their higher calling.

High Heart exists in all of us!

High Heart Wellness shares the belief that the people of the world are experiencing a wonderful and powerful awakening within them to become more engaged on a communal, even global, level.  Activation of the high heart is happening for many at this time.  It is often expressed through the desire to serve others and connect with larger communities.  Holistic health practitioners have been engaging their ‘call to action’ through the services they provide, experiencing great reward, growth and transition.  This requires the support of others and creating regular practices that sustain a desired work/life balance.  High Heart Wellness offers such service – allowing providers to be provided for, supporters to be supported, and healers to be healed.


2 responses to “What is High Heart?

  1. fab

    oh darling, so god to hear from you!
    the experience with IIN must have given you so much more confidence and a solid practice. you go fly big bird! big hug from a warmer spot in this mama earth of ours! fab

    • jamesgovernale

      Yes, Fab, it’s been such an enjoyable experience at that! And I’m ready to share it even more! Thanks for all your support, James

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